Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

In Chandler, Arizona

Will you ship my puppy to me?

Yes, normally through Continental Airlines at the owner’s expense price to ship runs anywhere from $275 - $350.

Are your Yorkies purebred with papers?

Yes, our Yorkies are Blue/Gold, Black/Gold, Black/Tan, and now our new line of Parti Yorkies considered Black and White.  We mostly breed AKC but we do have a male that is CKC and will paper pups with CKC.  Many of our female Yorkies also have Champion Bloodlines.

Are you a puppy mill?

No, we have a small number of dogs that are all treated like family and they are not kept in crates all day only let out to go to the bathroom.  They have a play area to get exercise, lots of toys, a small wading pool, they get brushed regularly, they get treats, they eat Eukanuba and Ultra Nutro dog food, and they are all loved.  We have many friends that come over and express how they can tell our Yorkies are loved and well taken care of.

How do I pay for my Yorkie?

Cash if you are coming directly to me to pick up your Yorkie or we do Bank Issued Checks from reputable banks (We will hold your check for 10 business days before shipping dog out to ensure that check is good), and we also take Paypal.  Paypal has been a very secure method for sending and receiving funds but we do request that the buyer add 4% for the fees that we will incur to get the funds through Paypal.  Paypal charges to receive funds and that is how they make their money.

If I see a puppy I like how much does it take to hold the puppy?

We require a $250-$500 non-refundable holding deposit which helps protect us from those who are not really serious about the puppy.  This ensures us that the buyer is serious.  The deposit can be changed for another pup if you should choose another pup that is not already on hold.  We have had people say they want a puppy then we hold the puppy for them to find out later something happens and they can’t get the puppy and now we have kept others from purchasing the puppy.   So to be fair to everyone involved, we have chosen this policy and so far, those that have bought from us have also felt it’s a fair policy.

What comes with my puppy?

You get the puppy of course, a blanket with mothers and siblings scent for comforting the puppy in a new environment, a sample of the food they are on, the papers for your puppy to register with AKC or CKC, shot record information, vet certification of a healthy dog, 12 month health guarantee contract, a tube of Nutri-cal for those puppies that will be shipped, and traveling crate for those puppies that will be shipped.

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