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Yorkie Puppies for sale in Arizona

We only have one breed of dog we specialize in and that is Yorkies.  We sale AKC Yorkie Puppies and AKC Parti Yorkies.

Balicias Yorkie Palace is located in Chandler, Arizona. We specialize in breeding Toy and Standard Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers).  Many of our owners will say we sell tea cup Yorkies but by AKC standards those would be our toy Yorkies that could weigh from 1 1/2 pounds up to 4 1/2 pounds.  We strive to breed Yorkies that range in the 4 pound to 7 pound range but we do tend to get a few that are much smaller and vet checked so they are healthy puppies just in a smaller package. Smile The neat thing about Yorkies is that they come in a variety of looks from those known to be teddy bear Yorkies which we tend to have many that come out with the shorter snout and full coats that give them the look of a little teddy bear.  We strive to produce the desirable look that many Yorkie buyers want or are looking for. We take pride in producing quality Yorkies.  We have many Yorkie owners in Arizona owning more than one of our Yorkies which tells a lot about the quality of Yorkies we breed.  We also want you to know that we don't just sell you a Yorkie and then forget about you, we strive to have a customer/client relationship with you even after you have taken your puppy home.  We welcome any question you may have so that we can make sure you are able to provide the best care for your puppy after you leave our home.

GREAT NEWS!!!!!  We have added our new line of Parti Yorkies.  So for those looking for Parti Yorkies in Arizona, look no further.  Check out our Parti Yorkie tab under the Available Pups tab on our website for updates of when these cuties should be arriving.  We are in the process of updating our current Dams and Sires photos which can be found under the Photo Gallery tab.

Alicia and Brittany have had a love for Yorkies for years.  Our oldest Yorkie named Teddy recently passed away on October 7, 2010.  He was shy of becoming 15 years old by one month.  Anyone who was blessed to meet Teddy knew that he was the “boss”.  It’s amazing how Yorkies communicate and there will always be an Alpha amongst the pack.  Teddy has to be the smartest Yorkie I have ever known.  He had a bark for every command from:  I need to go outside to go potty, I want to go for a walk, I want a snack, and he even would let me know if my daughter didn't refill the water bowl.  He was loved and will be missed.

We love you Teddy R.I.P.

We give our Yorkies regular brushings, and they eat the best. That is probably is an understatement, they sometimes eat better than we do. LOL  They have at least once or twice a week boiled chicken breast and they love boiled hamburger meatballs. They eat Eukanuba and Nutro Ultra which is very good dog foods either puppy formula or adult formula. They get chicken jerky strips which they also love. They all appear to know it’s snack time. I have a snack for them every day so they look forward to that time. Our girls when pregnant eat very well and are taking vitamins to help produce healthy pups.
Because taking care of any pet is work, we have chosen to only have a small number of Yorkies that way, each is given a fair amount of play and bonding time. We chose our Yorkies from breeders who were reputable breeders and not puppy mills.
Welcome to our website and we hope to be able to help you select your next Yorkie.

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