We got Zoie at the beginning of January 2007.  She is our little furrball angel.  She is so much more than we expected.  She was literally potty trained in a matter of a week!  We crate trained her right away, and she's been soooo amazing to have around.  She looooves to give kisses and snuggle.  She loves to nibble on our fingers and toes too.  We are so happy to have Zoie bopping around our home, she has been such a lil' dream come true.  I feel very lucky to have met Alicia and to have Zoie in our lives.  Her little yorkie butt is spoiled to pieces and that how we like it =)

Thanks again Alicia for Zoie, we love her to pieces and pieces.

Dena S., Arizona

Thanks Alicia!!!

Just wanted to drop you a line and send you a few pictures of the puppy we bought from you back in January.  We finally made it to Maryland and are still getting settled.  I decided to name the puppy Zapato, because I wanted a Spanish name and didn't really like Juan or Jose.  We just came from the vet and Zapato is 3.9 lbs and doing well. As long as I walk him around 9:30 pm, he sleeps through the night until 7 am. The puppy book has helped a lot with his potty and obedience training and he listens very well with positive reinforcement.  My husband and I are trying to find him a playmate because he's so active, but for now he plays with the kids and the neighbors dogs.  She has a Chinese Crested and a Chihuahua that he loves.  Thank you for providing us with a great addition to the family.  I will keep in touch.
Melissa Wilderom, Maryland

Love My Cody

I have so much to say about Cody man and everyone loves Cody. People who see him fall in love with him instantly.  My family calls me and the first thing they ask about is “how is Cody?"  Cody is a very smart dog.  Since getting Cody, he has brought so much joy to our lives.  I would recommend a Yorkie dog to everyone! :-)

Chris G., Laveen Arizona

Thanks Alicia!

I am very thankful for Alicia and all the help she provided while I was looking for my Yorkie.

Alicia has been a wonderful source of information and she is very knowledgable about this breed. She has been a terrific friend, going above and beyond what most others would do in order to make sure my little girl has a happy home. Her comittment and dedication is very evident - she truely loves Yorkies!

David, Scottsdale, AZ


We bought Bella as a surprise gift for my 17 yr old daughter but as it turns out she was a gift to the whole family.  We have two other dogs but Bella has managed to make herself the Leader of the Pack.  She is very sweet and sassy.

Dena B., Arizona

My Sweet Diva!

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect little one!! Diva has brought nothing but fun, love, and incredible company!! I just love her so much!!!

Special K., Arizona

Butter Baby!!!

Roses are red, violets are blue, when I need stud service, I will think of you!!!  Thanks for helping me create my beautiful Butter!!

Cathy W., Tempe, AZ

Our Precious Teddy

I met Alicia through her web site and purchased a male Yorkie. I named him Teddy and he weights 3 lbs (full grown). Teddy is in excellent health and has the cutest personality. I really recommend purchasing a yorkie from Alicia, she genuinely cares about her dogs and bends over backwards to make sure your puppy is a good fit. Oh and she is a wealth of knowledge.

Lori G., Avondale, AZ


My little Bella is the light in our lives!  Thank you so much Alicia for her!  Shes 2 now and hasn't gotten to 2 pounds but she thinks shes a doberman!

Tiffany, Tucson, AZ

"Baby Love"

"Baby Love" is everything to my mom.  She loves her like crazy.  "Baby Love" is super smart and cute as can be.

Thanks so much for producing such great dogs and sorry so long to update you.

Lundberg Family, San Diego, CA

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